The Japanese Media Appreciation Club

at DePaul University

JMAC Goes to the Beach: Round 2!!

Hi all,

I’m casually composing this email from an on-campus computer during my final stretch of work, with summer on my mind and a chicken Caesar pita in my heart.

This is an invitation to our final JMAC summertime event! Join JMAC and storm Oak Street Beach (because our first storm to the beach was rained out by… an actual storm) (but also because we scheduled two beach outings this summer) (but mostly because of the actual storm) this Saturday, August 29th!

As always, there will be two meet-up locations for this Saturday’s beach outing. Mark will be in front of the Barnes & Noble on the Loop campus and Samia will be by the green Infant Smasher statue in front of the Lincoln Park student center. Both Lincoln Park and Loop groups will meet at noon and leave for the beach at noon-thirty.

Let’s hope this storm to the beach won’t get rained out like the first, but if it does, all updates will be posted to our Facebook event page~ Give us a holla and tell us you’re coming!

Have a great rest of your summer!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

JMAC Website


JMAC Goes to the Botanic Gardens (new event!!)

Dearest reader,

How have you been? Are you having a good summer? More importantly, have you been eating well? Miss you lots, xoxo. We should totes hang out with JMAC sometime…like this Saturday!

Join JMAC on Saturday, August 15th for a trip to the Malott Japanese Gardens Summer Festival at the Chicago Botanic Gardens! There will be a tea ceremony demonstration, traditional storytelling, taiko drumming, and more~ This event “officially” ends at 2pm, but members are welcome to explore the Botanic Gardens at their leisure.

For this event, we will be traveling to the Botanic Gardens via metra and will meet at the Ogilvie Transportation Center in front of the Jamba Juice on the second floor of the station. There will be two groups meeting at Ogilvie: a 7:55am group led by Sara (<– me) and a 9:55am group led by Samia. Both groups will meet up 30 minutes before their respective departure time to purchase tickets and to board the Union Pacific-North train to Kenosha.

For more information about the festival schedule, head on over to our Facebook event page. This event will truly be an anticipated Saturday adventure. Hope to see you there!

Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

JMAC Website

JMAC Goes to the Ginza Festival (tomorrow~)

Hello everyone!

So JMAC has an upcoming event! Tomorrow! Hhhah, totes not like I’ve been overworked at my summer job this past week or anything… (: Anyways…

The Ginza Holiday Festival celebrates Japanese culture on the grounds of the Midwest Buddhist Temple.There will be stage performances (such as traditional dancing, martial arts demonstrations, and taiko drumming), cultural exhibits, and Japanese cuisine!

Join JMAC tomorrow (Saturday, August 8th) for the Ginza festival at the Midwest Buddhist Temple! Meet up with Mark in front of the Barnes & Noble at the Loop campus or seek Sara (that’s me btw) by the large rusty green-colored statue in front of the Lincoln Park Student Center. Both groups will be meeting at 1pm and leaving at 1:30pm for the Sedgwick brown line stop.

Please be mindful of the $7 adult ($6 student) donation for admission to the festival. Check out the Facebook event page for the latest updates (as well as for a link for a $5 student coupon~).

Hope to see you there,
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

JMAC Website