The Japanese Media Appreciation Club

at DePaul University

JMAC Board Members


Contact information:

The following is a list of JMAC executive board members and public relations officers for the 2019-2020 school year.








Val M.- President


Hi! My name is Gabriel Inoshita. I am a sophomore studying biology to become a conservation worker. My favorite anime has got to be Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Hope to see you in meetings.



Gabe I.- Vice President


My name’s Andrea: I’m a Senior majoring in Animation with a concentration in story boarding. Some of my favorite anime are Restaurant to Another World, Dr. STONE and Arakawa Under The Bridge. I’m looking forward to helping JMAC grow as an organisation and introducing people to new types of media!


Andrea S.- Treasurer



My name is Ericka. I’m a junior majoring in Animation with a focus in Game Art. My favorite anime currently would be Blood +, D.Gray-man, Kobato, and Inuyasha. I hope to see you in meetings!

Ericka J.- Secretary






Luis M.- Head of PR

“First and foremost, I’m a gamer.” -Trevor Noah. My name is Luis, I don’t care what pronouns you use as long as I know you’re referring to me. My superpower is to sleep anywhere, anytime. Anime is pretty cool dude ngl.



Public Relations Officers


A public relations officer is the entry level position of JMAC board. Their responsibilities include event planning, creating posters seen by the wider DePaul community, and managing a social media account. If you are interested in becoming a public relations officer, keep an eye out for information about the nomination process in our weekly emails during winter quarter!



Sean M.- PR


My name is Meru “Major” Savio “Tanya Degurechaff”. I’m a sophomore majoring in japanese studies and minoring in game design with a psuedo-concentration on sound and voice production. I am vtuber, isekai, and dub trash and you can make fun of me as much as you want for it. My favorite oodles of japanese media include anime like Re:Zero, MissKobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and Shield Hero, and games like Pikmin, Final Fantasy XIV, and The Disgaea series. I look forward to being PR and encouraging our fellow peers to enjoy the wonders of japanese entertainment and also breathing air

Meru W.- PR



Hi! My name is Ari Salkin-Weiss. I am senior-year accounting major, and am a pr member. I find that Japanese animation provides a vast and varied landscape of television, and enjoy taking critical looks into my favorite shows. There are at least a few shows I watch from every season, so I’ll be on the discord talking about it. Or just to gush about Haikyuu. Glad to meet y’all, and I’ll catch you in the meetings.Ari

Ari S-W.- PR