The Japanese Media Appreciation Club

at DePaul University

The Constitution of the Japanese Media Appreciation Club at DePaul University

Mission Statement 

The Japanese Media Appreciation Club (JMAC) is a non-profit DePaul University student organization dedicated to increasing the awareness and popularity of Japanese media in mediums such as, animation (“anime”), graphic novels (“manga”), live action productions, and Japanese pop culture. JMAC exists to create a community based on common interest, respect, and knowledge of diverse cultures. Through free weekly screenings, discussions, and social interaction JMAC promotes a welcoming environment that fosters learning on multidimensional levels.

Article I: Name

The organization shall be known as the Japanese Media Appreciation Club (JMAC).

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to increase awareness and popularity of Japanese media in a respectful learning environment, to increase cultural and subcultural awareness through events and free media showings, and to encourage socialization among DePaul University students with common interests.

Article III: Membership
Section 3.1: Non-Discrimination Policy

Membership, leadership, and activities in JMAC will not be restricted on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, pregnancy, parental status, family relationship status, physical or mental disability, military status, genetic information or other status protected by local, state or federal law.

Section 3.2: Full Membership

Unless otherwise specifically authorized by the University, full membership in JMAC is open to all students in good standing with the University (have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above), faculty, and staff at DePaul University. Members must attend at least one official club meeting and register for the club through OrgSync.

Continued membership is pending in accordance with club-ratified procedural rules. Membership may be denied to, or revoked from, any member who is not courteous, is abusive to fellow members, or violates DePaul University regulations.

Section 3.3: General Membership

General membership is granted to those not fitting the requirements of Section 3.2. General members may not, under any condition, hold office or conduct activities on behalf of the organization.

Article IV: Club Officers

Section 4.1: Officers

Executive board officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Coordinator of Public Relations. Non-executive board officers will be comprised of public relations officers. All officers will coordinate meetings, showings, and all JMAC events and activities. JMAC Board shall meet in addition to regular JMAC organization meetings. Club officers must attend monthly board meetings. If an officer has an excused absence, the officer is individually responsible for keeping up-to-date with information discussed from the meeting (i.e. by contacting fellow board officers and/or by reviewing board meeting notes).

Section 4.2: Board Member Application Process (Public Relations Officers)

Any full member in good standing with the organization and the university will be allowed to apply for the position of public relations officer. Applications for public relations officers will be announced at the beginning of the Winter Quarter. The application requirements may vary from year to year, depending on the current needs of the board. Applications will be due at the end of Winter Quarter or at the board’s discretion.

The board retains the right to recommend individuals they believe would be suitable for the position of public relations officer.  Candidates may accept or decline their application recommendation at their discretion.  Once all applications have been reviewed, the applicants will be allowed to make their case to current board members through a professional interview. Applicants will then retire so current board members may discuss and vote.  The votes will be counted, and the applicants will be informed of the result.

Both current public relations officers who wish to maintain their position and members of the executive board who wish to step down to public relations officer are subject to the aforementioned process.

Section 4.3:  Board Member Promotion Process (Executive Officers)

Public relations officers are promoted to executive board officers based on a private application process within the board itself.  All current board members are privy to this process, regardless of executive status.  Prior to the promotion process, any board member may express interest in any number of executive positions.

Section 4.4: Board Member Transitions

New board members will be trained for their position by the board member leaving that position. Training of new board members will occur throughout Spring Quarter. If a vacancy needs to be filled before the transition process takes place, the executive board will decide which current board member will fill that position.

Section 4.5: Retention, Replacement and Removal of Club Officers

Depending on the officer selection process, club officers may hold a position for a maximum of two years. In the event of a vacancy in any office, the executive officers of JMAC will appoint a replacement. Officer replacement must be reached by unanimous decision.

JMAC officers may be excused from their position for mistreatment of organization funds , acting in violation of codes of DePaul Student Life, physical injury or endangerment of an organization member, or inability to perform minimum officer responsibilities .

Officers may be removed from office by ½ vote of the other board officers and ¾ of the general membership if actions are deemed inappropriate by the membership. The officer is permitted to speak before the board and the general membership about the charges made concerning his/her performance. The officer is not permitted to participate in the board’s deliberation regarding the charges.

Section 4.6: Executive Officers and Individual Duties

President and Vice-President

  • Responsible for conducting all club meetings
  • Planning and contacting board members for meetings
  • Represent the organization on campus
  • Ensure that the organization is operating with the standards set forth by the Office of Student life
  • Maintain regular communication with organization advisor
  • Maintain networking with club-related personnel and organizations
  • Act as administrator on social media outlets/website
  • Represent organization at Student Advisory Financial Board (SAF-B) hearings for club funding and take responsibility for organizing guest speaker appearances (including completion of official contract information)
  • Cosign organization checks (if applicable)
  • Submitting organization registration during spring quarter
  • Work with other board members to improve organization experience
  • Event planning

The Vice-President is also responsible for making a quarterly expense report.  They will receive all financial information from the Treasurer and draft a report that will include a list of all items purchased during the quarter.  This report will be made available to the general membership.

If a general member wishes to view the report in more detail, they may submit a written request to the Vice-President explaining the reason for their concern, which the Vice President may then evaluate at their discretion.  The general member may not share the report with any parties outside the organization without permission, and doing so may result in disciplinary action or removal of club privileges.


  • Maintain membership directory
  • Send weekly e-mails to organization members detailing regular meetings and special events
  • Complete room registration for club meetings and special events
  • Keep minutes during board meetings and post minutes online
  • Keep minutes during general meetings, detailing club feedback
  • Check club mailbox in the Office of Student Life
  • Event planning


  • Maintain accurate record of organization monetary transactions
  • Arrange fundraising opportunities for the organization
  • Develop organization budget with president and vice-president
  • Work with the president and vice-president to turn in SAF-B paperwork by the appropriate deadlines
  • Maintain organization bank account
  • Manage all funds obtained through fundraisers and SAF-B awards
  • Be present at SAF-B hearings
  • Cosign organization checks
  • Make reservations for payment of guest speaker and speaker’s needs
  • Event planning

Coordinator of Public Relations

  • Keep records of public relation officer assignments for promotional materials
  • Responsible for having promotional materials printed and hung a week prior to event
  • Arrange meetings between public relations officers when necessary
  • Send out weekly reminders to those responsible for creating promotional materials
  • Contact club members responsible for providing weekly meeting activities and showings
  • Maintain regular communication with sister organizations (i.e. DCMC, DeFrag)
  • Event planning

Section 4.7: Non-Executive Officers and Individual Duties

Public Relations Officers

  • Create and hang appropriate promotional materials that meet University standards
  • Approve all promotional materials in the office of Student Life
  • Outreach to students to increase organization membership
  • Event planning

Social Media Coordinators

Duties for social media coordinators will be appointed to public relations officers by the Coordinator of Public Relations, based on skills and technical knowledge.

  • Create a welcoming online environment and community for organization members
  • Provide event and meeting reminders on social media outlets
  • Ensure that organization webpages contain legal and appropriate content
  • Approve membership on OrgSync
  • Maintain standards of DePaul Student Life on the web
  • Event planning

Article V: Advisor

The Advisor shall be a full-time faculty or staff member at DePaul University. The Advisor will assume those responsibilities as outlined in this constitution and/or found in the Student Life Handbook. The advisor will be selected by a majority vote of the Executive board members. Advisors not fulfilling the responsibilities detailed in the “Advisor Handbook” or not abiding by the organization’s purpose may be removed from the position by a majority decision of the Executive Committee.

Article VI: Meetings

The organization will meet weekly throughout each quarter of the regular school year, sans university holidays and finals weeks. Meetings will run from four to nine on Monday nights. Attendance is expected primarily at the general meeting held the Monday of week 10 of every quarter. All other meetings do not require mandatory attendance, but regular attendance will benefit all members, as well as JMAC as a social group.

Article VII: Piracy Policy

In accordance with the United States Copyright Law, JMAC does not promote or allow use of United States copy written materials. The Japanese Media Appreciation Club does not tolerate the promotion of piracy during organization gatherings as well as on its webpage. JMAC strives to promote media legitimacy and legality.

Article VIII: Finance

The organization will raise finances through regular fundraisers. The treasurer of the organization will have the responsibility of accounting for all funds that belong to the Japanese Media Appreciation Club. Additionally, the organization will acquire funds through filing funding requests through DePaul University.

Article IX: Amendments

Amendments to this constitution must be submitted in writing at a regular meeting of the organization. Amendments to the constitution will be voted on by the current board. In order to pass, an amendment needs at least ¾ approval by current board members.

Article X: Ratification

This constitution shall become effective upon approval by a ¾ vote of board membership.


JMAC Constitutional Amendments

First Amendment

Passed by Board 2014-2015. Ratified on 06/08/2014.

Process of new public relations officers changed from a popular vote to a club nomination (held at the general meeting) and an email application, followed by a professional interview by the current board, who will deliberate and select the new board members from there.

Second Amendment

Passed by Board 2016-2017. Ratified on 01/27/2017.

Revision of the constitution to include an updated anti-discrimination policy, to update terminology (i.e. “forums” to “social media outlets” and “club elections” to “application process”) that reflects current duties of club officers, and to change the general formatting of the constitution.