The Japanese Media Appreciation Club

at DePaul University

About JMAC

Greetings from the Japanese Media Appreciation Club, otherwise known as JMAC!

JMAC is a DePaul student organization and social community located in Chicago. Since 2003, JMAC has served as a place for students with an appreciation for Japanese media to connect with each other. Whether one has a casual curiosity or is an avid fan, we welcome anyone with an interest in Japanese anime, manga, video games, music, and other media to “geek out” together at weekly meetings.


So if this is JMAC, what’s J.M.A.C.?
J.M.A.C. is an acronym for the Joint Mission Analysis Centre and the Jersey Model Aero Club. Alternatively, JMac is the title of Jessie McCartney’s 2003 EP, which featured his debut single “Beautiful Soul.”

How long has JMAC been a thing?
JMAC has officially been a campus organization since September of 2003, founded by Lowell the Legendary.

Where/when does JMAC have meetings?
JMAC meets weekly on Mondays from 4-9pm on the third floor of the Lincoln Park Student Center during fall, winter, and spring quarters. The location of each meeting for the current quarter (and showings for each week) is listed on the weekly showings page. There are no JMAC meetings during finals week, summer quarter, or when the university is closed (Memorial Day, MLK Day, snow days that just-so-happen-to occur on Monday, etc).  Grassy knoll near the highway

Do I have to stay for the entire meeting (from 4 to 9)?
Nope! You’re welcome to come and go at your leisure! Getting out of a Lincoln Park class at 4:10? Join us after class for social hour! Getting out of a loop class at 4:40? Come up to Lincoln Park for the weekly PowerPoint and the weekly showing! Have too much homework? Stay for a tiny bit and drop by to say hi!

I have a manga/music video I want to submit! What do I have to include?
Everything you need to know about what to include and how to submit a Manga of the Month or a Music Video of the Week can be found on their respective pages~

What if the manga/music video I wanna submit has already been submitted?
There’s lots of Japanese media that has yet to be appreciated, so when in doubt, submit it anyways!

What’s MST3K?
(n.) Mystery Science Theater 3,000 – a hit television series in which characters make fun of B-rated movies. At JMAC meetings, MST3K is either encouraged or prohibited by the person bringing in the showing.

I wanna suggest a weekly showing to JMAC!!
*cracks knuckles* Ok here we go…

  • General rules:
    • You must own a physical copy of the show/movie, or you need to have a membership to the streaming website it is hosted on (no illegal websites or downloads, please)
    • If it’s made by Studio Ghibli or has aired on Adult Swim or Toonami, it’s a no go
    • If it’s licensed in the US, bring in a physical copy of the showing
  • For a Weekly Showing:
    • Must be 4 episodes about 25ish minutes long, or a movie within a 2-hour time span
    • Has not been a weekly showing or running series in the past 2 years (see showing archive)
    • This cannot be an anime that is currently airing during that season.
  • For a Running Series:
    • Must be at least 24ish episodes about 25ish minutes long, or 10 hour long episodes
    • Has not been a weekly showing in the past year or a running series in the past 3 years (see showing archive)

Who can become a member of JMAC?
Anyone can become a member of JMAC by attending at least one official club meeting and by signing up for the club’s mailing list.

Really? You mean that’s it??
Yup yup. According to our constitution, there are two types of members:
— A full member of JMAC is a DePaul student in good standing with the university, has attended at least one official club meeting, and has given their name and email to a club officer for the mailing list. Only full members can hold positions on board as officers and conduct activities on behalf of the club.
— Anyone falling outside of those specifications is welcome to join as a general member. New blood sacrifices members are welcome to join at any time. :3

Can I sign up for your mailing list?
Of course! Enter your name and email on our contact page (or by emailing us directly) and tell us that you’d like to subscribe to our weekly emails! Each email is personally delivered to your inbox and includes the previous meeting’s PowerPoint and info about our upcoming events. Previous emails can be found on the News page.
So go on. Subscribe. You know you want to. JOiN U…but if you really wanna unsubscribe, you can do so at any time. No hard feelings. Email us with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line to be removed from the mailing list (and miss out on the raddest weekly emails ever whaaat).