The Japanese Media Appreciation Club

at DePaul University

Outings & Events

Each quarter, JMAC hosts several social events for members of the club. This is a list of typical reoccurring events that take place throughout recent years.

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involvement fair

Student Involvement Fair 2012


Godzilla Movie Night 2019

Mitsuwa- Come check out this awesome Japanese mall with JMAC. We take the train up to Arlington Heights for a day of fun, food, and cool merch purchasing!

Friday Night Movie Night  – Join JMAC for an evening filled with movies, popcorn, and awesome times.

Saturday Binge – One Saturday each quarter JMAC takes an entire day to watch a whole season of anime. Stop by to finish that series/season you’ve always wanted to!

Geek ‘Til Dawn (both fall & spring quarters)JMAC joins DeFrag for an all-night event at DePaul’s very own College of Digital Media. Watch movies, play tabletop games, and play video games until dawn (literally).

Masquerade and Cosplay Showcase– Come celebrate spooky season with your fellow weebs! A fun party for Halloween filled with food, happy haunts, and of course, cosplay! Enter your cosplay (all ability levels welcome) in the cosplay contest for a chance to win cool prizes and bragging rights!


Cosplay Contest Contestants 2018

cosplay showcase

the first Cosplay Showcase in winter 2014


jmac on ice

2005’s JMAC on Ice group outing


2012’s Christkindlmarket outing

Christkindlmarket (during the December winter intercession) – Brave the chilly weather, explore Daley Plaza and celebrate holiday festivities during an afternoon at Chicago’s Christkindlmarket.

JMAC on Ice – Slip and slide, but hopefully not all the time! Ice skate with club members in Millennium Park. Afterwards, join club members for a post-skating meal in Chinatown.

Voice Actor Event – Every year, JMAC invites a voice actor or actress to speak at DePaul to talk about the anime industry and what how it’s like acting behind the screen. Previous guests include Josh Grelle, Monica Rial, Jerry Jewell, and Kyle Hebert.


spring banquet

2014’s Spring Banquet


2019 ACen Photoshoot

ACen Photoshoot – Club members show off their incredible cosplays and meet up with fellow members at Anime Central, the largest anime convention in the Midwest.

JMAC Auction – Purchased too much merch at ACen? Participate in our annual club fundraiser by bidding on donated DVD’s, posters, and other merchandise at the JMAC auction.

Spring Banquet – Chat with fellow friends and celebrate the end of an eventful school year with JMAC.

auction comission

art commission for the 2014 JMAC Auction


beach outing

Beach Outing during summer of 2014

Obon and Ginza Festivals – Celebrate traditional Japanese culture at the Midwest Buddhist Temple’s summer festivals.

Mitsuwa Marketplace – Club members traverse northwestward to the suburb of Arlington Heights to visit (and empty out their wallets at) the Japanese supermarket.

Beach Outings – Have some fun in the sun on the beach. It’s your own personal anime beach episode, except it’s in HD quality.