The Japanese Media Appreciation Club

at DePaul University

Meeting Agenda


Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held in the Lincoln Park Student Center.

IMG_6673Fall 2022
Running Series: Horimiya

     Dates & Location  –   Theme

  • 09/12 LPSC 324 – Back to School
  • 09/19 LPSC 324 – Slice of Life
  • 09/26 LPSC 324 – Romance
  • 10/03 LPSC 324 – Live Action
  • 10/10 LPSC 324 – Spies
  • 10/17 LPSC 324 – OP Protags
  • 10/24 LPSC 324 – LGBTQ+
  • 10/31 LPSC 315 – Horror
  • 11/07 LPSC 324 – Sci Fi
  • 11/14 LPSC 324 – Movie (General Meeting!)

For a list of previous showings (and to get the gist of what club members like to watch), check out JMAC’s weekly showing archive.

JMAC Meetings are on Mondays from 4pm to 9pm

228049_440966735949033_1729356943_n3Social Hour – 4pm

Social hour is a time for club members to (re)connect with one another through various activities. Regular social hours include playing card games, panel discussions, multi-player video games, and spontaneous dance parties. It’s a laid-back time for us to appreciate each other before appreciating the weekly showing. 

Each social hour concludes with club announcements in a PowerPoint presentation by JMAC’s vice president. Any member can contribute to the weekly PowerPoint by submitting a manga to be featured or a music video to be played at the meeting.

genshikenWeekly Showings – approx. 5:30pm
(after 5pm PowerPoint) 

Every week, members of JMAC watch about 4 episodes of Japanese media together, which can range from comedic anime series to dramatic live action movies. The weekly showing is voluntarily brought in by a club member. We ask that others observe showing rules designated by the club board members and any requests by the person who brought in the showing.

For a list of previous showings (and to get a gist of what club members like to watch), check out the JMAC weekly showing archive.

The General Meeting*
Instead of a weekly showing on the 10th week of the quarter, JMAC holds a general meeting. This is an especially important meeting for all club members because it is you who decides on what we do during the following quarter. At the general meeting, we…

  • share likes/dislikes about the quarter’s showings
  • share likes/dislikes about social events
  • receive suggestions for group outings and events
  • take volunteers for bringing in weekly showings for next quarter
  • review and vote on a running series for next quarter

We openly welcome constructive criticism and always appreciate suggestions for the club!

Running Series – approx. 7:30pm

The running series is shown during each meeting throughout the quarter, which is either one 26ish-episode long series or two 13ish-episode long series. It is during the general meeting when club members nominate and vote for the running series that will be played during the following quarter.

*be there or be triangular