The Japanese Media Appreciation Club

at DePaul University

JMAC SQ Upcoming Events

Hello, JMACers!

Although the quarter’s winding down and finals are dawning upon us, it’s also time for closing events and final outings of the school year.

The JMAC Auction

Want to buy swag? Have some swag to sell? And support your local Japanese media appreciation club in the process? Attend the JMAC auction to bid on anime (and anime-related) swag to help fund the club for the coming school year! The auction takes place tomorrow, June 3rd in Arts and Letters room 103 from 1-4pm.

If you have anything to donate, please email us and include (1) your name, (2) the items you’d like to donate and (3) the starting bid for each item you’d like on our auction roster. Donations can be given to any board member before the auction, or simply dropped off a bit before the auction begins tomorrow!

The JMAC Banquet

Join us on Saturday, June 11th for food and for general good times~ We’ll be meeting at Brownstones at 12pm and leave from Brownstones at 12:30pm to dine at Pho 777 off the Argyle red line station at 1pm.

The Last Meeting’s PowerPoint: SQ Week 9 (aka JMAC Week 28)

Attached is the last JMAC powerpoint of the school year! These slides feature humorous dakimakura (ohhoho) and give a final feature for May’s manga of the month. Be sure to check out the final music video of the week, which is a blast from the past for DDR players!

Hope to see ya at the upcoming events~
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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SQ Week 9.pdf