The Japanese Media Appreciation Club

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JMAC FQ Week 4: Drawing Cartoons and Senyuu.

What’s up JMACers,

A Few Reminders

This is more of a reminder for me, but tomorrow’s the first day of October, aka the last day to purchase an ACen badge at a discounted price! (yeaaah time to get on that…)

JMAC is currently taking entries for our 4th Annual Cosplay Showcase on Saturday, October 29th. Formerly known as the “Halloween Masquerade” and the “Halloween Cosplay Showcase + Dancing,” this event will be an afternoon of cosplay! Check out the powerpoint for more info about entering the showcase~

Next Meeting: Fall Quarter Week 4

Next week’s meeting will take place on Monday, October 3rd from 4-9pm in room 314B of the Lincoln Park Student Center. The social hour will be a workshop about drawing cartoons from 4-5pm.

Join us for a screening of Senyuu. This anime is a comedic adventure that follows amateur Alba Frühling and talented soldier Ross. Together, this unlikely duo encounters eccentric people as they try to defeat an evil demon lord.

And finally, we’ll continue watching (just in time for a time skip) our running series From the New World.

Last Week’s PowerPoint: FQ Week 3

Last week’s powerpoint slides can be found online via dropbox!

In honor of last meeting’s weekly showing, the slides are themed with all (anime) things France! The slides give one final feature for September’s manga of the month and a moving animated music video.

Have a swell weekend~
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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JMAC FQ Week 3: Fall Season Anime Panel and Miraculous Ladybug

Hello there, JMACers!

How about that "fall" weather we’re having? jk, jk. Though summer’s still with us for the time being, it’s the start of a new season, and hopefully it’ll be filled with new experiences and stuffs.

Next Meeting: Fall Quarter Week 3

Speaking of new seasons… next week’s social hour from 4-5pm will be a panel about the upcoming fall season anime! Join us for the panel and more, all at next week’s JMAC meeting on Monday, September 26th from 4-9pm in room 324 of the Lincoln Park Student Center.

Next meeting’s weekly showing will be Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Co-produced by Toei Animation, this French action/adventure series follows Marinette and Adrien. To protect the city of Paris from supervillans, the two teenagers transform into respective superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir.

And lastly, join us to watch more episodes of our running series From the New World.

Last Week’s PowerPoint: FQ Week 2

You can find last week’s powerpoint slides online through dropbox!

In honor of going back to school, the slides are themed with school-themed anime series. They also feature a slice of life/romance-y manga for the month of September and a video from a visual kei band known for their unique aesthetic and music style.

Have a superb weekend~
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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JMAC FQ Week 2: Chinatown, AnimeChicago and My Neighbor Seki

Hiya JMACers,

Hope everyone’s settling into their routines and is off to a great start for the new school year!

Chinatown Outing

The first JMAC event of the year will be an outing to Chinatown! JMAC will meet in front of the Lincoln Park student center at 12pm and leave as a group at 12:30pm on Sunday, September 18th.

We’ll be traveling to Chinatown via the red line and dining family style at the Won Kow restaurant! Please bring $15 in CASH for dining as a group. RSVP for the outing via facebook (for pure head-counting purposes) and please email us if you have any food allergies.

After lunch, we’ll explore Chinatown’s stores in small groups!

JMAC Fall Quarter Week 2

The next JMAC meeting will be from 4-9pm in room 314B of the Lincoln Park Student Center. Next week’s social hour is hosted by special guests from AnimeChicago, an organization on a mission to elevate Japanese pop culture throughout Chicago.

Our weekly showing for the next meeting will be the dub of My Neighbor Seki. The 7-minute anime shorts follow a girl named Yokoi and her classmate Seki, a boy who doesn’t pay attention in class. Instead, Seki spends his time creating interesting games distractions at his desk.

Lastly, join us afterwards to watch our running series From the New World.

Last Week’s PowerPoint: FQ Week 1

You can check out last week’s powerpoint via dropbox! The weekly powerpoint slides are filled with updates and announcements from our previous meeting.

This week’s slides are themed with Vice President Eric’s nostalgia anime. The slides also feature a one-volume manga featured as September’s manga of the month and a music video with a very cool dance!

Have an awesome weekend~
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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Welcome to JMAC!! FQ Week 1: The Boy and the Beast

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Japanese Media Appreciation Club at DePaul University!!

From nostalgia anime viewers to hardcore cosplay weebs, JMAC is the place for anyone with an interest (whether minuscule to majuscule) in Japanese media to connect with one another other. Our meetings are quite laid back, so feel free to stop by at any time!

My name is Sara, DePaul (super) senior and JMAC secretary~ I’ll be writing weekly emails to keep you informed with general announcements and special events for the club. :)

Fall Quarter Week 1

The first JMAC meeting will be held on Monday, September 12th from 4-9pm inMunroe Hall room 114-116 (a really big, three part room on the first floor). We’ll begin at 4pm with social hour to get to know our members, both new and old.

Join us for a viewing of The Boy and the Beast at 5:30pm. This highly acclaimed movie follows 9-year old Ren, running away from Shibuya and wandering into the beast realm of Shibuten. Ren meets the fierce warrior Kumatetsu, and the two, fierce-willed souls are thrusted into an adventure that spans the two worlds.

Lastly, we will begin watching From the New World at 8pm throughout fall quarter as JMAC’s running series. This series follows 12-year old Saki Watanabe and her friends living in a world of complex rules and a society of fragile peace. This coming-of-age story journeys through their roles in a supposed "utopia" as they learn the dark, shocking truths of society.

Keep in touch with JMAC!

Check out our website for all your JMAC needs! Feel free to befriend JMAC DePaul on Facebook and sign up on OrgSync to receive personal invites to our outings and events.

If you have any questions, email us at anytime~

We’ll see you on Monday!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary
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