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JMAC Winter Intercession: The “Save the Date!” Edition

Greetings JMACers,

So how ’bout them finals… I hope you’re finding some self-affirmation during the coming week, but if not, Matsuoka Shuzo can provide some for you. :)

JMAC has been invited to an AnimeChicago meet up this Saturday! On November 21st, Anime Chicago’s is hosting a symposium titled "Osamu Tezuka: God of Manga" (totes not like Tezuka was a topic of discussion during one of our social hours this quarter or anything, whaat). At this event, there will be presentations by English Tezuka scholars and a display of iconic memorabilia. Our own JMAC president, Eric, will be in attendance! For more info about the event and to reserve (free) tickets, check out AnimeChicago’s event page.

If you’re sticking around in the Chicago area during the December intercession, JMAC is hosting two social outings! The first outing is on Wednesday, December 9th to Christkindlmarket in the downtown Daily Plaza. Christkindlmarket is an open-air Christmas festival that brings international flair (and super delicious foods) to Chicago’s downtown area.

The second event is on Saturday, December 12th for Mochitsuki ("pounding rice cakes") at the Midwest Buddhist Temple. This is a cultural social event that’s held to bring good health for the coming year. (More info about mochitsuki can be found here!) Save the dates for JMAC’s two outings, Christkindlmarket and Mochitsuki, during the month of December~

Attached is the final PointPoint for fall quarter. This week’s slides are Christmas themed! The slides feature this month’s manga about a fellow named Yuuma (+his carnivorous dinosaur girlfriend) and also feature a Japanese music video sung by JMAC Head PR’s favorite Korean boy band.

Hope to see you at one of these upcoming events, and good luck on finals~

Strenuously yours,
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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