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JMAC WQ Week 5: Naruto Shippuden Robot Specials and Gunslinger Girl

Hi, JMACers!

Can you believe that the first month of 2016 is practically over? That we’re already 1/12th done with the entire year? That midterm season is practically upon us? Whoa…

JMAC’s Voice Actor Event with Kyle Hebert!

Best known as The Narrator/Gohan from DragonballZ, Ryu from Streetfighter and Kamina from Gurren Lagann, voice actor Kyle Hebert is coming to give a panel at DePaul! This event will include a Q&A session, a meet-and-greet, and free food!

This event will take place on Saturday, February 6th in SAC 254 from 12-4pm. RSVP and say you’re attending this highly anticipated event by contacting with the number of attendees via email or through the event page for the JMAC Facebook group!

Next Week’s Meeting: Winter Quarter Week 5

Join us on Monday, February 1st from 4-9pm in room 380 of the Lincoln Park Student Center for this week’s JMAC meeting! This week’s social hour will be a screening of the Naruto Shippuden Robot Specials (mecha Naruto fillers, yo).

The weekly showing for tomorrow’s meeting is Gunslinger Girl. In this anime, a government agency turns orphaned children into emotionless killing machines. Although they are still children at heart, if they don’t play by the agency’s rules, they will die.

And after a short break, we will screen the final three episodes of Kids on the Slope, the first of our two running series for winter quarter. Don’t mind me just getting a lil sentimental thinking about the progress these children are makin’ in their lives and their complicated relationships of love and tales of friendship aaaaaah, yes. :’)

Last Week’s PowerPoint: WQ Week 4 (aka JMAC week 13)

Attached are the slides from last week’s JMAC meeting! This week’s slides are themed with Japanese desserts and feature a video from a Japanese band that has performed with many Western-based alternative bands. Be sure to check out the slides for the final feature of this month’s manga of the month!

Stay spectacular, JMAC!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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WQ Week 4.pdf


JMAC WQ Week 4: JMAC on Ice, Nerd Jeopardy and Desert Punk

Hello JMACers,

Hope your week (though short) was sweet! The weekend has arrive sooner than expected, so let’s make the most of it! :D

Some Reminders

Speaking of making the most of the weekend (ohhoho), our annual JMAC on Ice (and Dim Sum dinner) is scheduled for tomorrow, January 23rd. Meet up inside the Lincoln Park Student Center at Brownstones between 11-11:30am. We will leave Lincoln Park at 11:30am and head to the Millennium Park ice rink (at approx. 12pm). After skating laps ’round the rink, we’ll be dining at Triple Crown in Chinatown! RSVP to this event through our Facebook event page or by contacting us through email~

Another upcoming event is the JMAC Voice Actor event with Kyle Hebert! Best known as Gohan from DragonBall and Ryu from Streetfighter among many, many other series, Kyle will visit DePaul in two weeks on Saturday, February 6th in SAC 254 from 12-4pm. Save the date for an opportunity to attend his panel and to meet a renown voice actor!

Next Week’s Meeting: Winter Quarter Week 4

Join us for the next meeting on Monday, January 25th from 4-9pm in room 380 of the Lincoln Park Student Center. Our social hour begins at 4pm with the third installment of PR Hannah’s Nerd Jeopardy!

The weekly showing for the next meeting is Desert Punk. This action/sci-fi anime is based on a manga that takes place hundreds of years after a nuclear war as humans seek to make a living from the ruins. The series follows wandering mercenary and hero-for-hire Kanta Mizuno, who’s number one mission is to get paid, no matter what!

And afterwards around 7:30pm, join us for three more episodes of Kids on the Slope, the first of our two running series for winter quarter.

For more details about any of the upcoming events, check out last week’s PowerPoint pdf via the JMAC website.

Hope you have a splendid day, JMAC!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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JMAC WQ Week 3 (sorta): JMAC+DCMC Go to Mitsuwa!

S’up JMACers,

Sara here, reporting to you from under a blanket on this Sunday evening. Though the weather is rough out there, whether there’s subarctic windchill, a snowpocalpse or a senior thesis armageddon, the weekly email must be delivered!

Some Reminders

The Japanese media appreciation club’s annual winter appreciation activity is scheduled for next Saturday! JMAC on Ice (and a Dim Sum dinner) will take place in Millennium Park (and Chinatown afterwards) on this coming Saturday, January 23rd. Meet up at the Lincoln Park Student Center between 11-11:30am to join in on the winter festivities!

Our most anticipated event of the year is coming near: the JMAC Voice Actor Event with Kyle Hebert! Kyle is most notably known for voicing Gohan and narrator from the Dragonball series, Ryu from Street Fighter, and Kamina from Gurren Lagaan. A panel and Q&A with Kyle will take place on Saturday, February 6th in SAC room 254 from 12-4pm.

Next Week’s Meeting (or lack thereof): Mitsuwa Outing!

Because the university is closed in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, JMAC will not its regularly scheduled weekly meeting. Instead, we will spend an afternoon at Mitsuwa, a store that specializes in Japanese food, books, pastries and more! On Monday, January 18th, JMAC and DCMC (the DePaul Comics and Manga Club) are going on a joint outing to Mitsuwa Marketplace in the northwestern suburb of Arlington Heights.

Meet JMAC President Eric and DCMC President Ariana at Brownstones in the Lincoln Park Student Center between 10:30-11am. At 11am sharp, we will be headed to the Rosemont blue line stop (at approx. 11:45am) in the hopes of catching a 12pm Pace bus to Mitsuwa, so come join us on this holiday adventure with a hearty appetite and bus money~
Last Week’s PowerPoint: WQ Week 2

Attached is the PowerPoint from week 2 of the winter quarter~ The slides feature the Seven Gods of Fortune and are part 2 of series of V.P. Monida’s ongoing series about Japanese mythology. Check out the featured manga of the month and this week’s music video from the opening to Noragami Aragato.

Stay snug (as a bug in a rug), JMAC!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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WQ Week 2.pdf

JMAC WQ Week 2: Witch Hunt and Bokurano

Hi JMACers,

With the upcoming cold Chicago weather on the way (aaaa polar vortex, we meet again!), I hope everyone is getting nicely accustomed to their new schedules and classes for the winter quarter.

Some Reminders

For the first time ever, DePaul has Martin Luther King Jr. Day off! Though the university is closed and hence no official JMAC meeting, JMAC will be collaborating with DCMC (the DePaul Comics and Manga Club) to travel to Mitsuwa Marketplace in northwestern Arlington Heights on Monday, January 18th! Mitsuwa is an authentic Japanese grocery store filled with a food court, a book store, and a bakery. Details about this anticipated event will be announced soon~

Another anticipated event is our annual JMAC on Ice. Join us on Saturday, January 23rd for afternoon of ice skating in Millennium Park and a Dim Sum dinner in Chinatown afterwards! Skate rental at the park is $12 and dinner in Chinatown shall range from $10-20.

Next Meeting: Winter Quarter Week 2

Join us for next week’s meeting on Monday, January 11th from 4-9pm in room 380 (located across from the Center of Students with Disabilities) in the Lincoln Park Student Center. Our social hour of Witch Hunt kicks off at 4pm.

Next meeting’s weekly showing at 5:30pm is the sci-fi anime Bokurano ("Ours"). When 15 middle school children are tricked into joining a war against 15 aliens, they must learn to pilot the giant mecha "Zearth." As soon as they learn how to pilot Zearth, the children discover the costly price of piloting such a mecha.

After a short break, we’ll continue at 7:30ish with more episodes of Kids on the Slope, the first of our two running series for the winter quarter.

Last Week’s PowerPoint (Week 1)

Attached is the first PowerPoint of the new year, themed with annual festivities that take place in Japan for the New Year holiday. These slides also feature a new manga for the month of January about beings with animal-like powers and a music video by a band that aimed to become a real-life band from a manga.

Lastly, but surely not least, check out the attached PowerPoint slides to see who is the voice actor visiting JMAC on Saturday, February 6th from 12-4pm. ;)

Stay savvy, JMAC!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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WQ week 1.pdf

JMAC WQ Week 1: Megaman (the TV series) and D-Frag (the anime)

Happy New Year, JMACers!

I hope your month-long winter break went well! My own winter break has been filled with research for my senior thesis, rhythm games, and research on rhythm games.

Next Meeting: Winter Quarter Week 1

Spend the first afternoon of the academic quarter with JMAC! We’ll be kicking off our first meeting of the year on Monday, January 4th from 4-9pm, located in room 380 of the Lincoln Park Student Center (the room located nearby the Center for Students with Disabilities). During social hour, we will be screening Megaman, the TV series based off of the video game of the same name!

Our weekly PowerPoint is presented at 5pm, where we’ll have several announcements about upcoming JMAC outings and events. It’s at this time we’ll be announcing the (super awesome) voice actor visiting JMAC in early February! Stay tuned for details about our biggest event of the year~

Afterwards, join us at 5:30pm for this week’s showing of D-Frag. Though D-Frag (the DePaul group) successfully manages their own fundamental research in academic gaming, D-Frag (the comedic anime series) semi-follows Kenji Kazama, a delinquent recruited to join his school’s struggling game development club. After putting out a fire, he forcibly joins the cast of eccentric club members!

Our running series for the quarter is… actually a combination of two shorter series. JMAC will show Kids on the Slope (12 episodes) for the first half of the quarter and Terror in Resonance (11 episodes) for the second half. Kids on the Slope is about honor student Kaoru Nishimi meeting the notorious Sentaro Kawabuchi. Through his devil-may-care classmate, Kaoru, a classically-trained pianist, learns about jazz and meets fellow musicians in his new seaside town.

That’s about it from me, so hope to see you at tomorrow’s meeting!

Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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