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JMAC WQ Week 2: Witch Hunt and Bokurano

Hi JMACers,

With the upcoming cold Chicago weather on the way (aaaa polar vortex, we meet again!), I hope everyone is getting nicely accustomed to their new schedules and classes for the winter quarter.

Some Reminders

For the first time ever, DePaul has Martin Luther King Jr. Day off! Though the university is closed and hence no official JMAC meeting, JMAC will be collaborating with DCMC (the DePaul Comics and Manga Club) to travel to Mitsuwa Marketplace in northwestern Arlington Heights on Monday, January 18th! Mitsuwa is an authentic Japanese grocery store filled with a food court, a book store, and a bakery. Details about this anticipated event will be announced soon~

Another anticipated event is our annual JMAC on Ice. Join us on Saturday, January 23rd for afternoon of ice skating in Millennium Park and a Dim Sum dinner in Chinatown afterwards! Skate rental at the park is $12 and dinner in Chinatown shall range from $10-20.

Next Meeting: Winter Quarter Week 2

Join us for next week’s meeting on Monday, January 11th from 4-9pm in room 380 (located across from the Center of Students with Disabilities) in the Lincoln Park Student Center. Our social hour of Witch Hunt kicks off at 4pm.

Next meeting’s weekly showing at 5:30pm is the sci-fi anime Bokurano ("Ours"). When 15 middle school children are tricked into joining a war against 15 aliens, they must learn to pilot the giant mecha "Zearth." As soon as they learn how to pilot Zearth, the children discover the costly price of piloting such a mecha.

After a short break, we’ll continue at 7:30ish with more episodes of Kids on the Slope, the first of our two running series for the winter quarter.

Last Week’s PowerPoint (Week 1)

Attached is the first PowerPoint of the new year, themed with annual festivities that take place in Japan for the New Year holiday. These slides also feature a new manga for the month of January about beings with animal-like powers and a music video by a band that aimed to become a real-life band from a manga.

Lastly, but surely not least, check out the attached PowerPoint slides to see who is the voice actor visiting JMAC on Saturday, February 6th from 12-4pm. ;)

Stay savvy, JMAC!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

JMAC Website

WQ week 1.pdf


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