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JMAC WQ Week 6: Kyle Hebert’s Event, Cybersix and Tsubasa

What’s up JMACers,

Hope everything’s going well. Whether it’s a looming midterm or That Big Project™ on your mind, you gotta keep at it and do your best!

JMAC’s Voice Actor Event with Kyle Hebert!

The Japanese Media Appreciation Club welcomes the incredibly talented voice actor Kyle Hebert to DePaul University this weekend! Kyle Hebert is best known as The Narrator/Gohan from DragonballZ, Ryu from Street Fighter, and Kamina from Gurren Lagaan.

This event will take place this Saturday, February 6th in SAC room 254 from 12-4pm. The voice actor event will consist of a panel, a Q&A session, and a meet-and-greet! Remember to bring questions for Kyle Hebert and merchandise for him to sign for this event. Lunch will also be served!

If you’re friends with JMAC DePaul on Facebook, RSVP for this event through the group’s event page, or simply contact us through email and tell us you’re coming~

Next Week’s Meeting: Winter Quarter Week 6

Join us on Monday, February 8th from 4-9pm in room 380 of the Lincoln Park Student Center. We’ll start at 4pm with a screening of an animated sci-fi series Cybersix for this upcoming social hour.

After a PowerPoint presentation, we’ll screen our weekly showing Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. When Princess Sakura begins to lose her memories, her childhood friend Syaoran must travel throughout the multiverse collecting feathers to recover her memories.

This week will be the start of the second of our two running series, Terror in Resonance. In an alternate version of the present, terrorists attack Tokyo and upload cryptic videos of their upcoming attacks onto the internet. As the world searches for the masterminds, two teenaged boys carry out their heinous plans and spark paranoia across Japan.

Last Week’s PowerPoint: WQ Week 5 (aka JMAC Week 14)

Attached you’ll find the slides for week 5, themed with the filmography of Kyle Hebert (get hyped for Saturday!) :D This week’s slides also feature a new manga for the month of February and a music video from a k-pop band branching out into the Japanese music scene.

Stay strong JMAC!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

JMAC Website

WQ Week 5.pdf


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