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JMAC WQ Week 9: Asian Ball-Jointed Doll Panel and THE iDOLM@STER

Hello JMACers,

Hope everyone’s last full week of February has been well! I was tempted to mention finals in the opening line of this email, but I’m not quite ready to think about that yet… D:

Next Week’s Meeting: Winter Quarter Week 9

Join us for the next meeting for the quarter on Monday, February 29th (leap year day!) from 4-9pm in room 380 of the Lincoln Park Student Center.

Our social hour starts at 4pm, and it will be a panel about Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, which are dolls with a realistic image (oftentimes influenced by anime) that are produced in Japan, South Korea and China.

Next week’s weekly showing will be The iDOL@STER, an anime that follows 13 girls from the talent agency 765 Production. Each girls dreams of becoming a top idol, and the series follows how each girl develops her image as an idol, her struggles, and her ongoing relationship with the producer.
Official endorsement from JMAC president Eric: Makoto is best girl.

And finally, we will continue watching our second running series for the winter quarter, Terror in Resonance.

Last Week’s PowerPoint: WQ Week 8 (aka JMAC Week 17)

To those who didn’t make it in time for last week’s PowerPoint (like me throughout this entire quarter, lol), you’ll find the slides attached to this email!

The slides for this week are themed with famous Japanese shrines and temples! The slides also feature a horror-themed manga of the month and a music video from the group who performed the opening of Death Parade.

Stay suave, JMAC!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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WQ Week 8 .pdf


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