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JMAC SQ Week 2: Transformation Symposium, Hannibal Panel and Pumpkin Scissors

Hiya there JMACers,

Hope everyone had an fantastic first week of classes. Have you ever walked into the wrong classroom by mistake? If you did, laugh it off! I’m sure the awkward experience will make a great story to tell!

AnimeChicago’s Transformation Symposium

AnimeChicago, our guests from last week’s social hour, will be hosting a symposium titled “Not Our Final Form: A Discussion on Transformation in Anime and Manga.” This discussion will take place at the Japan Information Center (737 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1000) this Saturday, April 2nd from 3-7pm.

Ticket reservation and symposium details about this awesome event can be found on AnimeChicago’s website. If you’d like to travel with other JMACers (myself included!) to the symposium, meet at Brownstones tomorrow at 2:20pm!

Next Week’s Meeting: JMAC Spring Quarter Week 2

Join us this Monday, April 4th from 4:15(!!) – 9pm in Arts & Letters room 308(!!) for more JMAC. Next week’s social hour will be A Hannibal Panel hosted by Hannah!

The showing for next week will be Pumpkin Scissors. After the end of an 11-year war that ravaged the Republic of Frost, rogue bands of soldiers are becoming bandits. To aid in the war relief efforts, the Royal empire creates the Intelligence Army State Section III, a group best known as Pumpkin Scissors, to help reconstruct the country.

And finally, join us to watch more episodes of the spring quarter running series Gatchaman Crowds.

Last Week’s PowerPoint: JMAC SQ Week 1

You’ll find last week’s PowerPoint attached to this email. View the slides to check out anime series based off of classical literature. These slides also include the final feature for March’s Manga of the Month and an upbeat Japanese music video about Italian food! ;)

Have a superb weekend, JMAC~
…aka Supreme Secretary
……aka Sara S.

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