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JMAC FQ Week 10: Kendama and the General Meeting

Hi JMACers,

A lot happened this week. History changing. But in personal news, I finally watched the viral pen-pineapple-apple-pen video. It changed me.

Next Week’s Meeting: Fall Quarter Week 10

With finals around the corner, it’s time for the last JMAC meeting of the quarter. This meeting will take place on Monday, November 14th from 4-9pm in room 314B of the Lincoln Park Student Center.

Join us at the start of the meeting for social hour from 4-5pm! Next week’s social hour will be a panel about kendama, a traditional Japanese toy similar to the classic cup-and-ball game.

In lieu of a weekly showing, JMAC will have a general meeting. Once per quarter, JMAC circles up to discuss the good and not-so-good parts of the club. This is also the time we take volunteers for social hours, suggestions weekly showings, and vote for next quarter’s running series. It’s an exciting meeting! (don’t miss it~)

After the general meeting, we’ll be finishing up the final episodes of our fall quarter running series From the New World.

Last Week’s Meeting: FQ Week 9

Check out this week’s powerpoint slides online via dropbox!!! In light of this week’s election, the slides are themed with anime student presidents.

The slides also feature a LEGIT SUPER HELPFUL hint about this year’s voice actor, a new manga for the month of November, and a music video animated by a well-known Japanese animation studio.

With sincerity,
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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