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JMAC WQ Week 5: Ice Skating, Card Games, and Kekkai Sensen

Hiya JMACers,

Happy (early) Lunar New Year! The year on the rooster is (soon to be) upon us. Did you know that roosters are on every continent but Antarctica? …yeah!!

JMAC on Ice and Dim Sum

Join us for tomorrow’s outing: JMAC on Ice. A club tradition long before the popular Yuri!!! on Ice rigged the Crunchyroll awards, JMACers try their best to ice skate! JMAC will meet at 11am in Brownstones (leave at 11:30am) to arrive at Millennium Park for ice skating at noon. If you’d like to skate, be mindful that skate rentals are $12.

Afterwards, we’ll head to Chinatown for dim sum. Our dinner reservation is at 4:30pm at Triple Crown. If you’d like to join us for dim sum, please bring cash to pay for food. Bringing $1 and $5 bills would be greatly appreciated! :)

Other Forthcoming Events~

Next Saturday, February 4th, the University of Chicago’s anime club will host Uchi-con, in which "poor college students bring you the best free convention on this side of the Atlantic!" JMACers are currently in the works of planning an unofficial group to leave from Lincoln Park and travel together to the con next Saturday. As a reminder, pre-registration for this free event ends on Saturday, January 28th. For more info, check out the Uchi-con website!

On Saturday, February 11th, JMAC will welcome voice actress Erica Mendez! A Chicago native, she graduated from DePaul in 2011 with a BA in Animation. While she hasn’t completely made use of the actual animation part of her studies, she instead has lent her voice to plenty of animated characters in shows. She’s best known for her roles as Ryuko in Kill la Kill, Gon in Hunter x Hunter (2011), Aladdin in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Yuuki in Sword Art Online II and Nico in Love Live! Save the date for this anticipated event~

Next Week’s Meeting: Winter Quarter Week 5

The next JMAC meeting will take place on Monday, January 30th from 4-9pm in room 314A of the Lincoln Park Student Center. Social hour will take place at 4pm, which will be card games!

The weekly showing for next week will be Kekkai Sensen (aka Blood Blockade Battlefront). After obtaining the "All-seeing Eyes of the Gods" at the cost of his sister’s eyesight, the novice photographer Leonardo Watch ventures to Hellsalem’s Lot, formerly known as New York City. At Hellsalem’s Lot, the secret organization Libra fights supernatural monsters to keep order in the city.

Lastly, join us afterwards for the conclusion of Mob Psycho 100, the first of our two running series for the winter quarter.

Last Week’s PowerPoint (Week 4)

Check out the PowerPoint from last week, filled with the latest news and other updates~

In honor of this week’s outing, the slides are themed with ice skating! It also features a new manga for the (half) month that’s based on historical fiction and a music video from a group that has theme songs for Kara no Kyokai and the Fate series.

Have a superb weekend!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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