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JMAC WQ Week 7: Erica Mendez Event, Voice Over Activity, and Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret

S’up JMACers,

We’re officially four full weeks away from the end of the winter quarter! Keep up the good work, and may the winter chill will be over soon. :)

The JMAC Voice Actor Event with Erica Mendez

The Japanese Media Appreciation club welcomes voice actress (and DePaul alumna) Erica Mendez! Though she hasn’t completely made use of the actual animation part of her studies, she instead lent her voice to plenty of animated characters in shows. She’s best known for the roles of Ryuko in Kill la Kill, Gon in Hunter x Hunter (2011), Aladdin in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Yuuki in Sword Art Online II and Nico in Love Live!

This event will take place on Saturday, February 11th from 12-4pm in room 254 of the Schmitt Academic Center. This event includes a Q&A session, a meet-and-greet, and free food! RSVP for this event by email or via the Facebook event.

For more information or other concerns, please contact JMAC by email.

Next Week’s Meeting: Winter Quarter Week 7

Stop by our next club meeting on Monday, February 13th from 4-9pm in room 314A of the Lincoln Park Student Center. Our social hour will begin at 4pm, which will be a (super highly promising!!) voice over activity~

The weekly showing will begin after the 5pm powerpoint. This week’s show will be Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret. This romantic-y anime series follows the ordinary Yuto Ayase, who likes his intelligent, rich, and attractive classmate Haruka Nogizaka. One day, Yuto stumbles upon Haruka indulging in her deepest, darkest secret, which is her interest in anime, manga and otaku culture.

And finally, join us for our (newly started!) running series for the winter quarter: GATE.

Last Week’s PowerPoint (Week 6)

Check out last week’s powerpoint online via dropbox~ it has the latest official news in a pretty, visual format!

The slides are themed with characters voiced by Erica Mendez! It also features a new slice-of-life manga for the (half) month and a super awesome music video from a Japanese hip hop group.

Have a sensational weekend,
(and hope to see you at this weekend’s voice actor event!!) :>
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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