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JMAC SQ Week 10: Auction, Geek Til Dawn and Osaka Gardens(?)

Hello JMACers,

Though the spring quarter is beginning to wind down, it’s all the more reason to finish off the academic year strong and to make the most of the remainder of the quarter, that is, with awesome events~

The JMAC Auction

JMAC will have its largest fund-raising event of the year tomorrow, Friday, May 26th: the JMAC Auction. Stop by Arts & Letters room 103 from 12-5pm for a chance to bid on anime and anime-related swag! Attend the auction for a raffled off PS3, a banana-eating contest, and for many more tier-related prizes!

Geek Til Dawn

Tomorrow, Friday, May 26th, is DeFrag’s Geek Til Dawn, an event held all night long in the CDM building on DePaul’s loop campus. The theme this quarter is “Friend or Foe.” Registration begins at 6pm in the CDM lobby for a night of geeking out!

JMAC will be present at the event to screen anime and other forms of Japanese media all night long! Check out the powerpoint for a full list of our theme-specific showings and showtimes.

Osaka Gardens Outing(?)

Though there will be no official JMAC meeting this Monday, May 29th (aka Memorial Day), JMAC will host an outing to the Osaka Gardens in Chicago’s Jackson Park neighborhood.

If the weather cooperates, JMAC will meet up in the DePaul Center at 11am and leave at 11:30am to take the #6 bus at State & Jackson. Stay up to date on the current status of the event via JMAC’s Facebook profile.

Last Week’s PowerPoint (Week 9)

Check out the final powerpoint of the 2016-17 school year. It’s themed with cool pictures taken at Anime Central 2017!

This is final powerpoint features May’s manga of the month, a bittersweet slice of life manga, and a video of a j-rock band I’d highly recommend to see live in concert. :)

Best wishes,
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary



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