The Japanese Media Appreciation Club

at DePaul University

Welcome to the Japanese Media Appreciation Club!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Japanese Media Appreciation Club at DePaul University, otherwise known as JMAC! My name is Sara, and I’ll be keeping you up to date with our weekly meeting agenda, social outings, and all things JMAC~

JMAC is a student organization dedicated to anything and everything anime, manga, light novels, j-rock & j-pop, video games, cosplay… and friends! Whether you’re a expert anime convention-goer or curious to find out about Japanese media, there’s a place for you at JMAC, and we hope you’ll join us throughout the year!

Next Week’s Meeting: Fall Quarter Week 1

Our first meeting of the year (yeyaaa!) will take place on Monday, September 14th from 4-9pm. We’ll be meeting in Monroe Hall rooms 114-116. Although we’ll be meeting for the entire time, you’re encouraged to come and go at your leisure while geeking out with us. :)

Our social hour starts at 4pm! This week’s social hour is more of a social mixer with general chatting and some nifty getting-to-know-you games.

Around 5pm we will start our weekly PowerPoint and introductions. Afterwards we will be screening Kara No Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin. This movie is about Shizune Seo and Mitsuru Kamekura, who can foresee the future. Shizune was sick of her predictable boring life and Meruka became a professional bomber taking advantage of his supernatural power. When their fates cross with Shiki Ryougi, a teenage girl, who possesses the “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception”, their immutable future begin to change.

Lastly, around 7:30pm we will begin our running series, The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle. Each meeting we will screen 2-3 episodes of this live action comedy about Yūsha Yoshihiko, a young, adventurous child who inevitably becomes The Hero Yoshihiko after the Hero Teruhiko, who went searching for a miracle herb to cure a plague which struck the village, never returned. He pulls a sacred sword from a stone within his village, which determines him as the next Hero. Due to these events, he must embark on a journey to the Evil King’s castle to find a cure for the plague that has stricken his village. Along the way, he finds many new companions and allies, who help him reach his ultimate goal.

Stay Connected With Us!

Check out our snazzy website for all your JMAC needs! Also, feel free to befriend Jmac DePaul to receive invitations for our upcoming outings and events.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces as well as meeting many new ones. It’s gonna be an awesome new year, and we hope to see you on Monday! :D

Sara S.
JMAC Secretary


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