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JMAC FQ Week 2: Chinatown Outing, Origami, and Bunny Drop

Hi everyone,

Congrats on making it through the first full week of the new school year! Hopefully everyone is getting situated to their new schedules and is establishing regular routines (cuz i sure haven’t lol send help).

Some Reminders:

Join JMAC this Sunday, September 20th to explore the wonders of Chinatown! We’ll be meet at 12pm by the green statue in front of the Lincoln Park Student Center and leave as a group at 12:30pm. We’ll be eating lunch at Won Kow and explore the Chinatown shopping district afterwards. If you’re joining us for lunch, please bring $15 cash to pay for food and notify us in advance (via email or on our Facebook event page) if you have any food allergies.

Fall quarter’s Friday Night Movie Night is approaching! Mark your calendar for Friday, October 2nd to watch two anime/Japan-related movies. If you’d like to suggest a movie to watch (that’s not made by Studio Ghibli), email us your suggestion for consideration!

Next Week’s Meeting: Fall Quarter Week 2

The next JMAC meeting is this Monday, September 21st. It’ll take place in Arts & Letters room 202 from 4:15-9pm. This week’s time and location is different from typical JMAC meetings, so please note these differences. Our social hour will begin at 4:15pm with an origami crafting session followed by the vice present’s PowerPoint presentation at 5pm.

Our weekly showing will be Bunny Drop. This slice-of-life anime is about Daikichi, a thirty year old bachelor who discovers his recently deceased grandfather had a child, Rin, with an unknown mother. Upon her imminent abandonment by family members, Daikichi decides to adopt Rin and learns to balance a life of work, family, and his role as Rin’s guardian.

Afterwards (around 7:30pm), we will be screening more episodes of our comedic live action running series The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle.

Last Week’s PowerPoint~ (Week 1)

In case you missed it, attached is a PowerPoint PDF from our first meeting! PowerPoints are a rundown of upcoming JMAC reminders and events, featuring recommendations of mangas and music videos from our members.

This week’s slides are themed with Bichitos the JMAC turtle, who introduces the JMAC board members and goes on a few adventures along the way. These slides also highlight a slice-of-life manga about changing the future and a music video about a kawaii approach to capitalism.

Have an awesome weekend, and hope you’ll join us this Sunday for Chinatown and for Monday’s meeting~

Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

FQ Week 1.pdf


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