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JMAC SQ Week 7: Sushi Go and Super Sentai Akibarangers

Hi JMACers,

Welcome to Monday! It’s not the sunniest of Mondays (or sunniest of days in general) in the Chicago area, so perhaps it’s our own individual duty to provide a lil sunshine in the lives of others~

JMAC’s Friday Night Movie Night!

This Friday, JMAC will be hosting a movie night! Join us on Friday, May 13th from 6-10pm in Arts & Letters room 103 for screenings of two movies, Beautiful Dreamer and Millennium Actress. Though this event is BYOB, JMAC board members shall be providing popcorn for this event! :)

Beautiful Dreamer (Urusei Yatsura) is an animated comedic, fantasy film. When students in Tomoniki prepare for their upcoming school festival, the world begins to change and the next day never comes. As they find a way to address the problem, their beliefs of reality are challenged by the world of dreams.
Millennium Actress is an animated comedy-drama adventure that follows filmmaker Genya Tachibana and camera man Kyouji Ida interviewing retired actress Chiyoko Fujiwara. In a secluded mountain, Chiyoko reflects and narrates her illusionary journey through Japanese cinematic history, blurring the differences between reality and cinema.

This Week’s Meeting: Spring Quarter Week 7

This week’s meeting will take place on Monday, May 9th (today) from 4-9pm in room 324 of the Lincoln Park Student Center. Join us at 4pm for a social hour of Sushi Go!

The showing for this week is Super Sentai Akibaranger. This comedic live action series begins when three individuals (a Super Sentai otaku, a cosplay otaku, and a closet anime otaku) are chosen by a beautiful scientist to become the “Unofficial Sentai Akibarangers.” Together, they protect Akihabara from powerful villains.

And as always, join us as we continue to watch the second season of Gatchaman Crowds!

Last Week’s PowerPoint: SQ Week 6 (aka JMAC Week 25)

Attached are the slides from last week’s meeting! Check out the slides to see some nifty Japanese fashion trends along with a new manga for the month of May~ You’ll also find a music video that’s the opening to the anime production of the manga of the month!

Hope to see you there!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

SQ Week 6.pdf


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