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JMAC SQ Week 9: ACen Meetup and The General Meeting

Dear JMACers,

ACen is coming // it’s happening tomorrow // hype hype hype hype hype

…clearly, I’m not a poet.

The JMAC ACen Photoshoot/Meetup!

JMAC will be attending Anime Central this weekend, the third largest anime convention in the United States!

cdkmckuJoin us for the JMAC Photoshoot/Meetup tomorrow, Friday, May 20th from 4:30-6:30pm. Because there are so many panels and meetups co-occurring on Friday afternoon, JMAC will be meeting at ACen for two hours, but members are free to come and stop by! An ACen badge isn’t necessary to attend the photoshoot/meetup, so we hope to see you there! :D

Additionally, for the first time ever, board members of JMAC and the DePaul Comics and Manga Club (DCMC) will be promoting DePaul University in the ACen exhibitor hall. If you’ll be going to ACen this weekend, say hi to us at the DePaul booth~

Other Upcoming Events!

Though next week will be our final meeting of the year, the following are a few upcoming events before the end of the quarter…

DeFrag’s Geek ‘Til Dawn: Friday, 05/27 to Saturday, 05/28

Join DeFrag in a celebration of geek culture (video games, board games, raffles and more!) all night long in the DePaul CDM building. Geek Til Dawn 17: A Fantasy Getaway begins on Friday night with registration from 6-8pm and announcements starting at 8:30pm.

JMAC will be providing fantasy-themed anime showings throughout the night in room 708! The showings will be Little Witch Academia from 9-11pm, Soul Eater from 11pm-1am, Log Horizon from 1:30-3:30am, and Slayers from 3:30-5:30am.

The Annual JMAC Auction: Friday, 06/03 @ 1-4pm – Arts & Letters room 103

Want to buy things? Have a thing to sell? And support JMAC in the process? Attend the JMAC auction to bid on anime (and anime-related) swag and help fund the club for the coming school year!

If you have anything to donate, please include (1) your name, (2) the items you’d like to donate and (3) the starting bid for each item. Donations can be given to any board member before the auction, or simply dropped off at the auction itself!

Next Week’s (final) Meeting: Spring Quarter Week 9

The end is coming so soon… ;_; Join us for the last JMAC meeting of the academic year this Monday, May 23rd from 4-9pm in room 324 in the Lincoln Park Student Center. Our social hour will be board games!

As the last meeting of the quarter is The General Meeting, in which we circle up and offer (constructive) criticism about the club. We will also be taking suggestions for social hours, weekly showings, and running series for the fall quarter!

And finally, we will conclude our running series for the spring quarter, Gatchaman Crowds: Insight.

Last Week’s PowerPoint: SQ Week 8

You’ll find the PowerPoint for last week’s meeting attached to the email~ It’s themed with “Unique Conventions” in hype for ACen!

The slides also feature the manga of the month of May that touches upon themes of childhood and gender, as well as a music video that comedically depicts how the world is absorbed in a cell phone culture.

Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

JMAC Website

SQ Week 8.pdf


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