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JMAC FQ Week 8: Cosplay Showcase, Witch Hunt and Sadako vs Kayako

Heeey JMACers,

The sun’s a-settin’ sooner and the weather’s a-gettin’ cooler, the fall season is in full swing! Hope your fall quarter’s going well as we approach the final weeks~

JMAC’s 4th Annual Cosplay Showcase

Join us tomorrow, Saturday October 29th, for the Cosplay Showcase! This event will take place from 12-2pm in room 314AB of the Lincoln Park Student Center. Lots of awesome cosplayers will be showing off their costumes in the hopes of winning some awesome prizes. Hope to see you there :D

Next Week’s Meeting: Fall Quarter Week 8

The next JMAC meeting will be on actual Halloween, Monday, October 31st from 4-9pm in room 314B of the Lincoln Park Student Center. We’ll kick off with a social hour with the haunted game of Witch Hunt!

Our weekly showing will be Sadako vs Kayako (The Ring vs The Grudge), a live action supernatural horror film. After purchasing a video to cassette DVD converter, two university students unknowingly unleash the demonic entity Sadako. The only way to defeat Sadako is by pitting her against the equally powerful Kayako.

Last Week’s PowerPoint: FQ Week 7

In honor of next Monday’s quickly-approaching holiday, the theme for this powerpoint is Halloweeb~ You can check out the featured weebs on this week’s powerpoint slides.

The slides also feature a highly relevant hint about this year’s voice actor, a manga of the month that had a summer 2016 anime, and a music video from a very, very well-known anime series.

Have a spooky Halloweekend!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

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