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JMAC SQ Week 8: Japan Night, ACen Panel and Gunsmith Cats

S’up JMACers,

How are you holding up on this Thursday evening? With almost a quarter of the spring quarter remaining, let’s hope the coming weeks will flow smoothly~

Japan Night? Tomorrow Night!

The Japanese Studies/Language department is hosting an event about all things Japan! Included in this event is an information session (studying abroad, language classes), an aikido presentation, cosplay contest, karaoke contest, and trivia session! Japan Night is scheduled for tomorrow, May 12th from 5:30-9:00pm in SAC room 154.

JMAC will host the cosplay contest of Japan Night. This portion of the event will take place at 6:45pm. Though entries for the contest are now closed, we are looking forward to seeing participants in their awesome cosplays!

The JMAC Photoshoot at ACen

T-minus 8 days until the third largest U.S. anime convention begins: Anime Central (aka ACen). JMAC will be holding a casual meet-up/photoshoot on the first day of the convention: Friday, May 19th at 4:30pm (and group photo at 4:45pm) (see the powerpoint for the meetup location). An ACen badge isn’t necessary to attend the photoshoot~

Next Meeting: Spring Quarter Week 8

The next (second to last) JMAC meeting will take place this Monday, May 15th from 4-9pm in room 314A of the Lincoln Park Student Center. The social hour for next week will be a panel about ACen, explaining what to expect and how to prepare for Chicago’s anime convention. **Please note: the weekly powerpoint might take place at a slightly later time to accommodate for this presentation.

The showing for next week will be Gunsmith Cats. This OVA follows Irene “Rally” Vincent, who illegally runs the Gunsmith Cats gun shop, and housemate “Minnie” May Hopkins, an explosives expert. Together, they work as bounty hunters and get involved in missions to fight crime in Chicago.

And as always, join us afterwards to watch more episodes of our running series Nichijou.

Last Week’s Powerpoint (Week 7)

The slides to last week’s powerpoint are available online~ In honor of the upcoming holiday, the slides are themed with exceptional anime moms for Mother’s Day.

Also check out the slides to see the fantasy manga for the month of May and a music video from an indie rock band who calls their fans “Funky Party People” (FFP).

Sara S.
JMAC Secretary



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