The Japanese Media Appreciation Club

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JMAC FQ Week 3: Flying Turtles and Steamboy

Hello all,

Happy Thursday to everyone, but let’s also wish a happy birthday to JMAC! Legend has it that 12 years ago the Japanese Media Appreciation Club was founded as a DePaul student organization. Cheers to you, JMAC, on your special day! (whoaaa JMAC’s almost a teenager now)

Some Reminders:

Friday Night Movie Night is next Friday, October 2nd! Join JMAC and watch two Japanese movies of your choice! We’re still taking suggestions for movies to watch, so email us your suggestions for consideration as soon as you can! For guidelines on what we can/cannot show, check out the FAQ’s on the website for further info.

Next Week’s Meeting: Fall Quarter Week 3

Our next meeting take place in our typical meeting place in the Lincoln Park Student Center (woohoo!!) on Monday, September 28th in room 314A from 4-9pm. Join us for social hour at 4pm for a game of “Flying Turtles.” This game involves saving the lives of lil turtles and doing good for greater turtle-kind.

After the weekly PowerPoint presentation at 5pm, we will be screening Steamboy. This movie is about a young boy named Ray Steam, who receives a package from his grandfather on the eve of the 1866 World’s Fair. He discovers that this package is the key to his new invention. Ray must prevent his invention from falling into the hands of a shadowy organization for their nefarious goals.

And finally around 7:30pm, we will continue with more adventures of Yoshihiko in our running series The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle.

Last Week’s PowerPoint (Week 2)

In case you missed it or simply want another look-see, attached is the PowerPoint from last week’s meeting! This week’s slides are a tribute to old school CLAMP, feature a manga that emphasizes the importance of the present, and an animated music video that iz very sad ;~;

…and on that note, t’is all from me for the week~

Stay spectacular, JMAC!
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

FQ Week 2


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