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JMAC FQ Week 4: Movie Night, Handheld Gaming, and GetBackers

Hi everybody!

September has ended, so y’all can wake up now. I hope you’ll have the time of your life this month, especially with the upcoming Halloween holiday. (:

Some Reminders:

Friday Night Movie Night is happening… tomorrow night! Join us on Friday, October 2nd in the Schmitt Academic Center (SAC) room 254 from 6-10pm!! We’ll be screening two movies, with Paprika as the first showing and Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris as the second showing~

— Paprika is an animated psychological movie about a device that allows therapists to enter people’s dreams. When the prototype of the device is stolen, renowned scientist Dr. Atsuko Chiba, alter-ego “Paprika,” uses the machine to prevent the misuse of the device.
— Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris is a live action Kaiju (“strange beast”) film. Gamera, a monstrous fire-breathing turtle, killed the parents of teenager Ayana Hirasaka. Orphaned Ayana discovers an egg that hatches a small tentacled creature she names “Iris” and bonds with this aggressive creature to confront Gamera.

JMAC is invited to attend a Japanese drumming performance! Chicago’s Ho Etsu Taiko and Los Angeles’ On Ensemble taiko groups present ROTATIONS. This performance will take place on Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th at the Athenaeum Theatre, located nearby the Wellington brown line stop. More information about ROTATIONS (as well as how to purchase tickets) is available on Athenaeum Theatre’s website.

Next Week’s Meeting: Fall Quarter Week 4

Our next meeting will take place in room 325 of the Lincoln Park Student Center on Monday, October 5th from 4-9pm. Next week’s meeting will kick off at 4pm with a handheld console social hour. Bring your PS Vita’s and your 3DS’s (or be like me and pose the argument that your phone can play video games) for the upcoming social hour!

Around 5:30pm, we will be screening GetBackers! This comedic anime is about “GetBackers” Ban Mido and Ginji Amano, a freelance repossession duo that retrieves any lost or stolen item. Because Ban and Ginji are terminally broke, the duo enthusiastically takes on bizarre jobs and use their supernatural abilities to maintain their 100% repossession success rate.

Afterwards ’round 7:30pm, we will continue with the lively adventures of Yoshihiko & co. in our running series The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle.

Last Week’s PowerPoint (Week 3)

Attached is the PowerPoint from our previous meeting! This week’s slides feature 12 episode animes (that I highly approve of, just sayin’). Check out the slides for a manga that addresses the choices of youth and a song that was featured as the ending theme to Bakemonogatari.

Hope to see y’all at Friday Night Movie Night~

Serenely yours,
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary

FQ Week 3.pdf


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