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JMAC FQ Week 5: Kageru Panel and Fresh Pretty Cure

Hello everyone,

Following the aftermath of the Love Live! Hanayo event, a young adult is left on the brink of collapse. Though she earned the elusive SR+ Goddess of Harvest card in the midst of midterms, a pile of homework remains untouched. Eventually, she regains consciousness and utters the words “Must… send… weekly JMAC email…”

Some Reminders: Halloween Masquerade (and How to Enter!)

From 12-4pm on Halloween Day, JMAC will be hosting a Halloween Masquerade! Join us on Saturday, October 31st in room 314AB of the Lincoln Park Student Center for an afternoon of cosplay and costume-adorning activities~

But what’s a masquerade without participants? We’re seeking cosplay and performance entries for this year’s masquerade! Email us with “Masquerade Participation” in the subject line by Mon.10/26 with (1) your name (2) your cosplay character & franchise (3) link to background audio (via youtube, preferably) and (4) anything we should know (choreography or performance bits). Non-DePaul students/DePaul alumni are welcome to enter!

Next Week’s Meeting!

Drop in on Monday, October 12th in room 325 of the Lincoln Park Student Center from 4-9pm for more JMAC! Next week’s meeting will kick off with a panel about the Kagerou Project at 4pm.

Our weekly showing for next time will be Fresh Pretty Cure at 5:30pm. This show follows Miss Love Momozono, a girl who wants to be a dancer. After joining the Trinity Dance Company, she gains the ability to become Cure Peach to fight the Labyrnth Kingdom with her friends!

And as always, join us at approx. 7:30pm for more of our running series: Japanese Monthy Python x Dragon Quest Adventures (otherwise known as The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle).

Last Week’s PowerPoint~

Attached is the PowerPoint from last week’s meeting! Check out the slides for pictures of super interesting restaurants in Tokyo! It also features a baby metal band music video as well as a new manga for the month of October about a twisted twin story.

Good luck on midterms, everyone!

Sara S.

JMAC Secretary

FQ Week 4.pdf


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