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JMAC FQ Week 6: Osamu Tezuka Panel and Roujin Z

Hi everyone,

The gmails haven’t been the most friendly as of late. The mass emails sent out within the past 2ish weeks have been bounced back several times, but fear not! While the email system may not be the most amicable, JMAC will still continue~ :D

Some Reminders

Join JMAC on Halloween afternoon of costumes and contests! JMAC will be hosting a Halloween Masquerade on Saturday, October 31st in room 314AB from 12-4pm. Stick around for Halloween festivities and fierce costume competition!

What’s a masquerade without participants? We’re seeking cosplay and performance entries for this year’s masquerade! Email us with “Masquerade Participation” in the subject line by Mon.10/26 with (1) your name (2) your cosplay character & franchise (3) link to background audio (via youtube, preferably) and (4) anything we should know (choreography or performance bits). Non-DePaul students/DePaul alumni are welcome to enter!!

Next Week’s Meeting: Fall Quarter Week 6

Join us on Monday, October 19th (today~)in room 325 of the Lincoln Park Student Center from 4-9pm! We’ll be starting our meeting at 4pm with a panel about Osamu Tezuka, the creator of many manga series (such as Astro Boy) and the so-called “god of manga.”

Our weekly showing will be Roujin Z. This animated sci-fi action movie is about Mr. Takazawa, a test subject of the Z-001 machine intended to help the elderly without the intervention of the younger generation. The young nurse Haruko questions the ethics behind this machine, but when the Z-001 acquires a mind of its own, catastrophic results will follow!

And finally, we will continue at approx. 7:30pm with our running series The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle.

Last Week’s PowerPoint (Week 5)
The PowerPoint shown from last week is attached to this very email! Check out the slides for pictures of magical girls~

To everyone reading this on Monday: SHOW MONDAY WHO’S BOSS! You got this!

Sara S.

JMAC Secretary

JMAC Website

FQ Week 5.pdf


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