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JMAC SQ Week 4: Bad Anime Panel and Ultraman

Greetings JMACers,

How’s the spring term going? Frustrated with the limits of modern society? Trying to balance studying for exams with surreal dungeon crawling? Mmmm wait, this isn’t a Persona 5 synopsis…

A Few Reminders…!!

Due to the predicted scattered thunderstorms, tomorrow’s JMAC outing to the Osaka Gardens is cancelled. Be on the lookout for when this outing is rescheduled!

An upcoming event is JMAC’s Friday Night Movie Night. The movie that will be screened is Seven Samurai, a historical adventure-drama. This screening will take place on April 21st in SAC room 254 from 6-10pm. Popcorn and beverages will be provided~

Next Week’s Meeting: Spring Quarter Week 4

Join us for next week’s meeting this Monday, April 17th from 4-9pm in room 380 (across from the Center for Students with Disabilities) in the Lincoln Park Student Center. The upcoming social hour begins at 4pm, which will be a panel showcasing a selection of Bad Anime!

Next week’s showing will be Ultraman. This live-action tokusatsu series takes place in a world invaded by aliens and prehistoric monsters. While the Science Patrol helps to defend the planet from the unknown, when weaponry can’t stop the foes, one of the members transforms into the superhero Ultraman!

And lastly, check out the running series that’s playing this quarter, Nichijou.

Last Week’s PowerPoint (Week 3)

In case you missed it, here are the slides to last week’s powerpoint! In honor of the theater school’s upcoming production of Wig Out, this week’s theme is “Boy? Girl? or Hideyoshi?”

Included in this week’s rendition of the slides are Persona 5-style announcements for the members of JMAC’s 2017-18 Public Relations team.

Check out the showbiz/romantic manga that’s featured for the month of April and a music video with a song used as an opening to Code Geass.

Wake up, get up, get out there! :)
Sara S.
JMAC Secretary



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